Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cougar Rock in Mt. Rainier National Park

Last Monday Bet and I went hiking with Mike and Michelle.
Whoa, that is a big hill!

This is video of the river

Michelle is testing the river with her hands.
I tested the river with my face and it was cold.

Bet stuck her face in too. Yep, all agreed, it is cold.

We wanted to go to the big rock and sit on it so we crossed over the little stream

We saw some cool things like this tree growing around the rock

and then up.

These are the steps up to the waterfall.

And this is the waterfall
We had a great time, thanks Mike and Michelle for taking us.
Cougar Rock is a Tabby!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Puppies Wait

The boys, Mr. Howl and Bowzer, are waiting for homes.

But while they wait, they are helping with Farm work.

And fighting to get in the picture. Bowzer wins this round.

But Mr. Howl sneaks into the chair for a pose or two.

How's that?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The first mole killed by the terriers,

I am so glad that Jaine was the first one to get a mole

Janie and Swift dug it up, but Janie killed it.

They have all been very busy lately while we were haying. All the Ratters followed the mower, then the hay rake and the baler and finally rode in the hay truck fetching up all sorts of mice, voles and a muskrat or two. I was driving the hay truck and Janie was on the center console and all of a sudden went into the back seat and out the window. She grabbed a muskrat shook it and killed it.