Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fair Enough

These are our new pens for Bet's turkey's and my quail at the Animals of the World barn during the last five days of the Puyallup Fair.

Mr. Tom seems to enjoy the pens and the roost that Daddy built inside of it for the turkeys to roost on, and this one did for most of the fair. Lots of people took pictures of my quail through the fence but I managed to miss taking their picture.

Down at the poultry barn the day after we set up in the AotW barn we brought our birds in for the Jr. Poultry Expo. Bet's Silver Appleyards won a big award. Champion Heavy Duck.

Birdsmanship duty requires us to clean out each bird's water and then fill it. Kai and Abby did that job.

They took their job seriously and they did it well.

Another duty is to fill the feed cups of each bird, they have a grocery cart for us to make easier to do.

And to lean on.

Anne did great at her first birdsmanship.

I got sweeping duty!

Chicken showing the next day requires cleaning beaks and feet one last time.

Practicing my chicken's best pose for when the judge asks me to pose her in her best position.

It is such a convenient pose, don't you think?

At the show table for us "senior showmen." It helps if you keep your eyes on the judge.

Or it helps to stick your head in the shadow.

Silly bunch waiting for their turn to show.

At least Anne is serious!

Kai is serious too. Just a different sort of serious.

A pep talk from Uncle Mike!
Where is that keel bone?
But it really isn't all that interesting.

That pep talk really worked, now we are just having a good time!

Is there something about showing chickens and being blonde?

Kai told his mom he was leaning on the table so that he could see the judge. It is all about seeing the judge, we told him to look at the judge and he was.

He was so excited to get a blue ribbon, that he tied it on his chicken's neck.

All went well, and we are all looking forward to next year.