Monday, April 5, 2010


The puppies are doing great.

I like when the puppies are at this age, three weeks old, when they just start to play, they are so cute.

There are two puppies that really like to be held and played with. This one,

And this one.

Wouldn't you agree that these spots on this nose are too cute. This one is all white except for its head and a little spot of black above its tail. After I saw a picture of a mostly white pup, I was hoping that Janie would have one in this batch. And here it is!
This puppy put on a funny face for us.

Janie has had to go to the vet so many times that I think she now likes riding in the car. She went to the vet a week half ago to get her stitches out. She went back on Saturday because her incision opened a little bit, so they gave me same stuff to put on her tummy. Janie is doing much better now.