Sunday, May 31, 2009

Smoochy And Non Smoochy

Note: even though some of the animals in these pictures are creepy,
they can still be classified as smoochy,
and just because it is smoochy does not mean its smoochable,
it mostly comes down to personal opinion.
Smoochy, refer to note above.

caution, watch out for faces, arms and legs;
it may smooch back.

Smoochy, and lovable.



Smoochy, and extraordinary.

Smoochy, but cranky.
In writing this I have discovered, NO non smoochy.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Puppies Are Almost Ready For New Homes

"Wake up kids. Time to play."

"Can we go play with them?"

"Oh, oh yes, lets. Lets go play with them!"

"They sort of look funny."

"Well, I think Peep is kinda pretty."

"She is just looking old and wore out."

"No kids, they are not our kind, you musn't play with them. They are sheep dogs."

"Okay, Mama, but I don't understand why we can't play with them. It would be fun to hang off of their long hair."

"I'm glad she said no. I don't think they would like us and their hair would get got in our teeth and taste sheepie."

"Despero, wait up, you run too fast."
"Lily, you shouldn't run after her."
"You're both going to trip and fall."
"You always do."

"It's just no fun around here, can I come home with you? Lily has a home already and is just waiting for them to come and get her."

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're Expecting

I purchased my first valley quail
because they are pretty birds
and I had prospects for selling them.
Now that I have them I find them
fascinating and they are making
sounds that I have never heard.
They are also quirky and silly
I like to watch them
and think about what they are up to.

"What's down there."

This is where they sleep, all in a row.
Eight little quail sleeping on a rail.

I'm excited! My quail are laying eggs
just in case you didn't know which ones they are
they are the little tiny ones.
I am hoping that I can hatch them,
we are going to put them in the incubator
as soon as the quail racks for the
automatic turner arrive.
If all goes well,
I will hear little chirp chirps

Monday, May 11, 2009

Ratters in the Pastures

Pie Making 101
Holly is such a pretty dun colored quarter horse and the best horse I know.
Granted, she has her times when she is out of sorts and misbehaves,
but those times are far and few between and she is very young still for a horse.
I have had Holly for almost year and I am so glad my dad and mom allowed me to get her.

"Grrr stay away from my grass."

Oh wait, horses don't growl but she sure looks like she is growling.

Holly is a great horse to ride and Amber and Swift think so too.
Sometimes when Bet and I go ride the little ratters come with us on our horses.

Martin, Janey, Amber and Swift
checking for smelly gross stuff to eat, like pie perhaps.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Playful Pups

This is Swift with a puppy.
When the puppies were born Swift looked like she wanted to eat them
but now she likes them and plays with them.

Snuggly puppies they are so cute and they turn in to the best dogs.

This is the only black and white pup.
I think he looks like Swift, that he looks like Swift is not a bad thing because I like Swift, she is cute and a good dog.

" Mommy mommy I'm hungry!"
Janie is a good mommy, the puppies think so and so do I.

"Flying puppy" I love when their ears are back and their nose is up is the air.

Down low, the grass is so tall

The puppies are very playful, this is a video of them playing. And howling.