Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Special Weekend Fun

This is my favorite picture of the weekend. Jim and Kathy are strolling around our yard with Fluffy and Martin. They live just down the highway and Kathy is always helping me with my doves and she taught Bet and I how to locker hook.

Mike and Rebecca Bowerman sitting in my dad's favorite "lawn chair" .

Belinda Job is from England, her husband comes here to teach about house church. Their daughter comes with them and we always have puppies or kittens for her to see.

Mike and Rebecca and Trevor Coulter, sitting on our lawn talking. Mike and Rebecca have been our friends since I was little and before Anne was born. My mom says that when I was little I told Rebecca I liked her shoes.
This is my dad and Becky Coulter. The Coulters are really nice people. I enjoy it when they come to visit or when we go up to visit them. On Saturday we took Justin and Trevor for a horse back ride. We all had fun and no body fell off!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Save For The Day!

Hummbirds are fast but not fast enough

because Winter caught one!

I saved it from him, gave
it suger water and put it in a basket.
When it felt better, we took the basket outside,
lifted the flap and it flew away so fast
it missed the picture!

All better, no thanks to naughty Winter!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Off To the Vet

The pups are five days old, so off to the vet to
get their tails and dew claws done.
Of course Martin came too.
Janie doesn't like to ride in the car but she didn't mind it today.
The puppies don't seem to mind it either
they just slept the whole way.

We wanted to watch but they said only
Dad could watch. So Bet and I and Janie had to wait.
I was surprised that Janie didn't freak out when they took her babies.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Janie finally had her pups on Friday the 10th at noon.
She had 6 pups, one black and white,
the rest are blue and white,
two girl and four boys.

When she got done she snuggled them.

They are the size of kittens but I think they are the cutest things.
They are going to get their dew claws and tails done.
It is our first time to the vet since Dale, our landlord, our vet and our friend, passed away.
When my sister Michelle came over today, Janie bit Michelle when she went to pet the puppies.
No body messes with Janie's puppies!