Monday, September 14, 2009

To Vacation and Back

Here is a little wave for you from up at Iron Creek Falls

Sister Chelle wants to make sure you don't miss the beautiful falls.

She wants you to know it is scary up where we are sitting, she thinks grabbing the log will keep her safe.

Okay, now we are all normal, sort of.

Here is Martin, his favorite place is on the floor when we are in the truck.

Heading up to the huckleberry fields

maybe he has another reason he hides on the floor.

The view is worth as much as the huckleberries.
Except it doesn't make a very good pie.

The top of Burley mountain as seen from where we park the truck and pick berries.

Never fear Huckleberries, we will be back next year.

These are the dogs that we took with us
Janie, Rose and Pitiful Martin.

Home Again!

"I am so happy to be home," Janie says. She smells the
barn when she gets home.

Some of those who stayed home pretend to be unfazed by our return.

But others were interested in our return.

Others just wanted food.

Aren't they just the cutest little smudgy faces? They are learning to eat kitten food and they get it all over themselves. They needed to go in a cage for their own protection. Rat Terriers see these kittens as just really fuzzy rats.

So sad but these little guys did not greet us when we returned, they had the unhappiness of disappearing while we were gone. Who knew horses eat goldfish. Just kidding. The blue heron must have gotten a free lunch in the horse trough. How many fishies do you see in this picture?

How many kittens of Pippi's do you see in this picture?

No question here, all four horses were glad to have us home, and took us, Bet, me and mom, for a three hour ride the next day after we got back.