Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Purr Baby

The other day Purr Bobb got hurt, he was limping.
We all were worried and trying to figure out why
His foot was hot and obviously tender.
Mom suggested that I look to see if there was anything in it.
I told her that I already looked and
there was nothing in it but one pad was peeling.

Mom said, "Oh, I know, I burnt his foot!"
She was throwing the cats out.
She had picked up Purr Bobb,
was bending over to pick up Bennie
and came to close to the wood stove.
Purr Bobb must have put out his foot and it touched the stove.
Poor Purr Bob! But he is healed up now,
Dad gave him some Penicillin for the infection
and we put salve on that he licked right off.


KathyB. said...

Oh, poor Purr! He is such an interesting cat. If he and Miss Marple got together we would be in trouble!

Susie said...

Hi Anna Colleen-Thanks for visiting my blog! I really enjoyed looking at yours. Loved the pics of your cats and dogs.

You definitely have winter wonderland going on up there. It is beautiful! Enjoy the snow for me!

After looking at your blog I take it you are Lanny's daughter, correct? Well, it's nice to meet you Anna Colleen. I'll definitely be back to visit again.

Lanny said...

If Purr Bobb doesn't stop playing tile hockey, especially with things not originally on the floor he will have worse things happen to him!!!!!

Kathy, Miss Marple is at least subtle about her dis-arrangements. Purr Bobb is a bull cat in a china shop. Just as I was reading your comment something went crash in the other room!

Springs, batteries and thingies from my newly purchase trees for my village were all over the kitchen floor, they had barely made it out of the package and already Purr Bobb was flinging them to and fro.

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi, I found you comment on my blog and was so glad you stopped by! I just love your blog and your precious pets. Hope your Purr Baby feels better. blessings, Kathleen

A. Joy said...

Oh, Purr Bobb. I thought maybe he'd jumped up onto the stove. My aunt's cat used to jump up onto her stove in the kitchen while it was on and burnt himself several times. Cocoa Bean has tried to do that when I'm cooking meat, I would let him learn his lesson but I don't want to waste any meat to do so!