Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Born Lamb's

For yesterday's activity, I pulled these cute lambies
out. They were stuck and it was taking
to long.
We thought that it was funny that
the mom was giving two licks to each.

This lamb figured out how to stand, then comes nursing.

This one thinks that she supposed to nurse first then stand,
she is to cute.
(If you look close you can see her mouth open a little
with her tongue curled around the teat that isn't there.)

This little girl is almost standing, it
takes a few tries but she will get it.

Fluffy is trying to see what is happening,

we told him to go home.

Inside, mom was packing the last of the Christmas things away, Christmas Kitty thinks that means her.


KathyB. said...

Nice post Anna. I love looking at new lambs and Christmas kitties. How many lambs do you have now?

Anna Colleen said...

Kathy, we have 9 lambs thank you for asking.

Susie said...

What an interesting life you must have living on a farm. I see you said you have 9 lambs, will there be more?

LindaSueBuhl said...

ahh - birthing of new critters makes winter seem less - wintry. We have 18 kids now - they are so much fun to watch.

A. Joy said...

Love this post Anna!
Love that mamma had to give 2 licks each. A mama has to be fair!
BAgrgrlglrbglrlr. ( There - I just made the sound the mama was probably making to her babies.) I speak sheep and chicken.
Yes, time to put away Christmas Kitty and get out Valentine Kitty. Probably should dust off Easter Kitty too, you'll be getting her out soon.

Anonymous said...

Christmas Kitty is so funny among all the wrapping paper. Any time I am making the bed or trying to wrap items for storage, my cats get right in the middle of the action! Goofy cats! What a fun picture of the little lamb too.

Daisy said...

Aw, so much sweetness.

I really love that little cat. Such pretty colors.