Thursday, May 14, 2009

We're Expecting

I purchased my first valley quail
because they are pretty birds
and I had prospects for selling them.
Now that I have them I find them
fascinating and they are making
sounds that I have never heard.
They are also quirky and silly
I like to watch them
and think about what they are up to.

"What's down there."

This is where they sleep, all in a row.
Eight little quail sleeping on a rail.

I'm excited! My quail are laying eggs
just in case you didn't know which ones they are
they are the little tiny ones.
I am hoping that I can hatch them,
we are going to put them in the incubator
as soon as the quail racks for the
automatic turner arrive.
If all goes well,
I will hear little chirp chirps


KathyB. said...

There is always a lot of excitement there at Vicktory Farms!Now , baby valley quail! Maybe baby turkeys too!

(my word verification is 'neste', how appropriate)

LindaSueBuhl said...

I love quail - here in Texas we often call them bobwhite (which is like a generic term for quail) - they are interesting critters and how eggsciting for you!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

How wonderful! We have a lot of Bob White quail that run through here. Last summer, I saw a mamma quail with her littles ones scurry across the road in front of me. She must have had 15 or more. They looked like little ping pong balls following her. Good luck on your new venture! blessings,Kathleen

Daisy said... sweet! I love the photo of them all sleeping together in a row. I didn't know that they do that. What fun! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :D